Sounds of the APOCALYPSE? ‘Sirens of doom’ ring across US city sparking fears world ending


More than 150 sirens drowned out the bustling Friday night sound in Dallas, Texas and carried on until yesterday morning (April 8).

They started their chilling sounds at 11.44pm and didn’t stop until 1.20am.

And the wailing noise struck fear into the hearts of those in the area.

“There is no way this is an accident,” a scared witness said.

“I’ve lived here for 43 years and never experienced this.”

The apocalypseGETTY/TWITTER

SCARY: Apocalyptic sirens rang out across Dallas over the weekend

Some compared it to the haunting sound featured in apocalyptic movie franchise The Purge, where murder is legal for 24 hours.

A fan of the films said: “Can the Purge please wait until tomorrow, I’m so tired at the moment.”

Another said: “In case you were wondering what the end of the world sounds like, it’s every tornado siren in the entire city of Dallas going off at once.”

The tornado sirens are meant to alert the 1.3 million Dallas residents of impending disaster.

According to the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management, the system had been hacked.

An air hornGETTY

REASON: The sirens were from the tornado warning system

A spokesman said: “It does appear at this time that it was a hack, and we do believe that this came from the Dallas area.

“We can’t talk a whole lot about the hack itself because obviously, we don’t want this to happen again.”

The city officials were forced to unplug the entire emergency system to put a stop to the sirens.

Around 4,400 terrified citizens called 911 from about 11.30pm on Friday (April 7) to about 3am on Saturday (April 8).