Trump’s core supporters see right through Deep State’s Syrian chemical weapons false flag

Trump's base

POTUS Trump is better served listening to his base.

In a recent article published by right leaning, conservative website, The Gateway Pundit entitled, “POTUS Trump Threatens “Animal Assad,” Calls Out Putin Over Alleged Chemical Attack In Syria“, a large community of readers that has supported Trump, from his election campaign to the White House, saw through the bulls**t Syria chemical weapons false flag.

POTUS Trump is better served listening to his base, otherwise he faces the risk of being swallowed up by the Deep State swamp he promised to drain.

Here is a just a very sample of the comments on TGP, after another false flag in Syria, meant to bait the US into a reckless, and potentially devastating war in Syria.

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post 2
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post 8
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Comment: It is heartening to know that there are a number of people out there who see and know the truth enough to say something about it – even if it may have no appreciable effect on changing the outcome of the Deep State’s plans.

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