Russia Accuses US Of Sabotaging Liberation Of Deir Ez-Zor


‘As tensions rise between Russia and the United States over the latter’s consistent support for terrorists inside Syria and increased support for Kurdish militias in the North, Russia is now exposing the U.S. support for Daesh and the level to which the U.S. is using Kurdish fighters as proxy forces against both Syria and Russia. Russia is also exposing the American cooperation with Daesh to that end.

Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry accused U.S. intelligence agencies of engaging in a sabotage attempt against the Syrian military and Russian initiative to retake Deir ez-Zour by initiating, encouraging, and directing an offensive in northwestern Syria by jihadist forces against the Syrian military. The Russian MOD claims that the point of the offensive was to draw attention and focus away from the SAA operations in Deir ez-Zour.

The Ministry stated that 29 Russian military policemen were surrounded by jihadists, forcing the military to break them out via Special Ops backed by air power.’

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