What is a Demagogue? You should know..

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Don’t kid yourself into thinking that there are not people out there who either need to be controlled or want to be controlled. They’re all over the place. Some even have land markers that tell you exactly where they’re at. They’re called churches. Don’t pin it all on the leaders.

From the uneducated to the educated, many people believe that everyone needs leadership. That there needs to be a ruling class above the masses to regulate how people act. The educated believe it’s necessary because they believe the uneducated cannot regulate their own behavior, which is not entirely false. So even though the educated who know right from wrong, logical from illogical and productive behaviour non-productive behaviour do not need leadership, they will take it if it means that their counterparts are kept in check. They sure as he!! don’t want the job.

In short, a demagogue cannot exist if everyone is smart enough to see through the weirdness and confident enough in their own abilities to vote in leadership that represents them, rather than rule over them.

Keep letting your leaders chip away at your confidence, strength and intelligence and you’ll get the leaders you deserve.

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