Was Project 1794 Proof The United States Knew That UFOs Were Real?


I just read an article today by Brian Heck PhD in Apple News. He asks a very simple question in the beginning of his article…

“If Flying Saucers Aren’t Real, Why Did The Military Frantically Try To Build One?”

He backs up his question by referencing a top secret military project, which was code named “Project 1794.” I never before heard of such a project. However, within the National Archives, there are military documents that contain over 200 pages of blueprints and photographs, proving the US was attempting to build flying saucers.

In the 50’s, police agencies and the FBI, were overwhelmed with UFO reports from people across the country. Our government, at the time, wanted to know if UFOs were a new type of Russian military aircraft, or possibly, extraterrestrials visiting our planet. Project BlueBook was formed to investigate the UFO phenomenon. All of the witness testimonies and data that was collected, were analyzed by experts in many fields.

The simple fact that they brought in the nation’s top statisticians, engineers, rocket scientists, physicists, mathematicians, military experts, astronomers and even a handful of the nations top psychologists (who specialized in ‘mass-psychology’) – should tell you how serious they were taking the UFO phenomenon, and how desperate they were for answers.


It was apparent, that some of the UFO sightings, that was scrutinized by experts in Project BlueBook, were not Russian military aircraft or simple “earthly” phenomena.

But it didn’t take long to conclude that of the sightings that could not be ruled at as “known objects” those that remained were time and again demonstrating technologies, maneuverability and speeds that could not possibly have been made on earth.


There were some military personnel, including pilots, who were adamant in their belief that UFOs were not from earth. This article mentions a statement made by then retired US Navy ADMIRAL Delmer S. Fahrney, who helped form and lead the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP).

“Reliable reports indicate that there are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds… No agency in this country or Russia is able to duplicate at this time the speeds and accelerations which radars and observers indicate these flying objects are able to achieve.”

“As long as such unidentified objects continue to navigate through the earth’s atmosphere, there is an urgent need to know the facts. Many observers have ceased to report their findings to the Air Force because of the seeming frustration – that is, all information going in, and none coming out. It is in this area that NICAP may find its greatest mission.”


Around this time period, millions of tax payer dollars was allocated toward the construction of a flying saucer craft for the USAF.

The newly declassified materials show the U.S. Air Force had a contract with a now-defunct Canadian company to build an aircraft unlike anything seen before. Project 1794 got as far as the initial rounds of product development and into prototype design. In a memo dating from 1956 the results from pre-prototype testing are summarized and reveal exactly what the developers had hoped to create.

The saucer was supposed to reach a top speed of “between Mach 3 and Mach 4, a ceiling of over 100,000 ft. and a maximum range with allowances of about 1,000 nautical miles,” according to the document.


The project was referred to by a number of different names. Avro referred to the efforts as Project Y, with individual vehicles known as Spade and Omega. Project Y-2 was later funded by the US Air Force, who referred to it as WS-606A, Project 1794 and Project Silver Bug. When the US Army joined the efforts it took on its final name “Avrocar”, and the designation “VZ-9”, part of the US Army’s VTOL projects in the VZ series.


Dr. Heck goes on to say in his article, that it’s highly unlikely the USAF got the millions of dollars used to fund Project 1794, with just a handful of rough sketches. He states that politicians and the Canadian engineering firm (AVRO Aircraft Limited) were probably made aware, that the United States, possessed alien spacecraft that they were attempting to reverse engineer.

So is it also possible that the military took those wimpy sketches, showed them to the policy makers and politicians making the funding decisions and said, “We’re going to spend millions and millions of dollars to build these, but don’t worry, we have these 10 little sketches that we’re certain the engineers can transform into highly advanced, never-before-attempted, flying machines.”?? The answer is no.

There’s no way in hell the military took a handful of vauge, elementry school quality sketches of UFOs and not only got the funding to build them, but actually provided the engineering firm they hired with enough detail to yield a working prototype. So what am I drilling at? Isn’t it obvious? The United States had their hands on something that they used to reverse-engineer these Avro Aircraft made flying saucers. Which means UFOs are real.


Here’s the link to the National Archives, showing the reports and drawings for Project 1794:

Interesting premise, but I’m not totally buying it. UFOs aren’t travelling through space, or through wormholes, in crafts with propulsion jets. I think scientists back in the 50’s, would have easily deduced, that recovered alien craft had a highly advanced propulsion system that didn’t generate thrust with a conventional jet engine. Perhaps the USAF was just interested in building a saucer shaped, jet propelled prototype, until their scientists could back engineer the recovered UFO’s propulsion system. Maybe this developed into present day black op projects, which finally succeeded in utilizing this “alien” technology. Could the silent, black triangles, that have been seen around the world, be using this technology? Unfortunately, even today, the general public is left in the dark, with no definitive proof.

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