The NKVD were 90% jewish up till 1953

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This came as a bit of an eye opener, All the main players in establishing the Soviet Union and financing it were essentially Jewish and was done after the Federal reserve was implemented in 1913. Trotsky had a credit line with the Rothschild’s Bank , which enabled him to bring back in thousands of émigrés and get the Bolshevik revolution going. The heavy Jewish preponderance lasted up until 1953, where it has been reported their was a coup when Beria the head of the NKVD was shot by General Zarkov. This might put a different light on Hitler’s

obsession with invading the Soviet Union.
Their is some reason to believe that after the suspicious death of Stalin. Beria started a purge which was stopped by general Zhukov, as Stalin had signed an order allowing Military exercises around Moscow interesting if true.

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