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Page Eighty through NINETY, FEB 15-16, 2018

uh, are we in the matrix? , …delta-wave patterns and the binary status of LVX within the body of a Composite., the algae conspiracy, eisegesis does as he pleases

, project stargate induction techniques when?

, www.intelligence.senate.gov… , “Electromagnetism, UFOs, and the Weaponization of Alien Technology:”

Particularly relevant was Dr. Jose Delgado’s secret work, Additional studies, conducted by Dr. Ewen Cameron and funded by the CIA, were directed towards erasing memory and imposing new personalities on unwilling patients., Psi-Tech , MANKIND RESEARCH UNLIMITED INC., SYSTEMS CONSULTANTS INC. ,
Scientist Eldon Byrd, who worked for the Naval Surface Weapons Office, was commissioned in 1981 to develop electromagnetic devices for purposes including riot control, clandestine operations and hostage removal.,
GRILL-FLAME personnel possessed a marked psychic ability that was put to use “penetrating” designated targets and gathering important intelligence on significant figures,

, DARK CITY, Noetics , Dr. John C. Lilly , MRU, DELTA WAVE, Brainwave entrainment,

Soul Power, “Think with your heart”, Hire a professional school shooter? ,Who would do something like that? , Found it! Tomorrowland …,

I think we need to be looking at music, rhythms, sound as part of the puzzle here too., FBI is useless in Florida, you remember being taken from those gifted classes regularly and given special tests?,

, Greg Hunter nails it, Roman Polanski’s Lucifarian cult vs Manson’s Helter-Skelter Apocalypse cult. , High Priestess Sharon Tate? Rosemary’s Baby the documentary?
Elizabeth Warren (allegedly) stole $5 Billion through (CFPD) , islam redpills, The US believes Russia’s Su-57 and PAK-DA stealth planes will be nuclear strike aircraft
we were the gifted kids?, [0000] , are we become telepathic hivemind?, strange school monitors/agents, Magnolia, But it did happen!, Cobra Gold 2018, do you see what i see? , The Westminster child *** abuse inquiry has announced that it will not look into allegations made against politicians or senior civil servants, due to “national security concerns.” , Brit Rocket Scientist Dies Close To Argentinian Town Sunken Sub Came From – But Wait There Is More, pain meds, .The Florida shooter’s lawyer says he is ” a broken human being.” ,

Page Ninety through ONE HUNDRED, FEB 16-17, 2018

Hunt for Red October, Status 6?, Common thread talented but lazy?, watch the water, the shape of water, Mueller has indicted 13 Russians.
, What a bunch of autists. No miracle we gathered here., subs, subs, subs, pillars eis , RR, lolwut, were we singled out in school and studied? for how long?, synthetic sensors,

, Remember Alabama. These people are stupid. ,
‘, Wray., Ohr did not disclose wife’s income to ethics officials.,

millions of illegal voters, Q drops intensify, Warning UK, possible car attack, Did Obama Encourage Illegal Immigrants to Vote? No, But YES., CRPTQ, chatter seems rather more extreme than usual, NSA UK cam, Delta, Wikipedia: Unethical Human Experimentation in the U.S.
, Vast right-wing conspiracy, Skippy makes a video, pizza, Delvonn Heckard suspicious overdose, weird phone calls and weird phone glitches, serious accident at heathrow airport leaves one dead, london airport wwII bomb, royals fleeing?,
Heee’s baaacckk


Page ONE HUNDRED through ONE HUNDRED TEN, FEB 17-18, 2018

Stargates, podesta mcCaan, Crimes associated with the name Dylan Dunn are relevant., 14, sick fishies, ### IRIDIUM ###


originally posted by: shy_mo

“Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?”

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Human ecology fund HBE, House of Orange, is Tiger NEO now?, B& oxford circus/busses, Coevorden, Army’s prepositioned stocks (APS), 5 Weird Facts about Oxford Circus, Mueller’s FBI and Lerner’s IRS worked together to target TEA Party.

Soros Backed Pro-Mass Migration NGO Has Funds Frozen Amidst *** Abuse, Fraud Claims

Soros, Canaanites?, International Rescue Committee, Bloodline of Seth/set?, Oxfam scandal. ,

WTF, buckle your seatbelts and prepare for landing in crazytown

,Behold A Pale Horse (by William Cooper) was at #298 when first mentioned by anons. It is now ranking at #10!,

View the original article: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1201318/pg1

Operation Merlin, QDROPS, redpill? more like a red barium enema , chris cornell benington, David Milibank- head of the International Rescue Committee, dashboard.securingdemocracy.org… ,
Vice Magazine: Meeting Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse
, Fox: Prestigious Hawaii School pays 80 Million to victims of monstrous sexual abuse, [url=https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/un-staff-responsible-for-60-000-rapes-in-a-decade-c627rx239]London Times: UN Staff thought to have carried out 60 000

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