Supposedly UFO Activity Increases Before Major Wars.

April 11, 2018

It has been said in many forums and publications that UFO activity increases, before a big war.

If true, has there been an increase in activity this week, since the most heavily armed nations on Earth started escalating to a major war…and maybe even World War #3, which would end our human existence?

Or, are species self-annihilations, so common in the Galaxy/Universe, that the Human species wiping itself from existence is just “par for the galactic course”, as they say? Those who were dumb enough to wipe themselves out, reaped what they sewed.

I think that life-forms which are advanced enough to travel between the stars, probably see a lot of wiped-out worlds, but not that many in it’s happening.

If there is no big increase in UFO activity…perhaps a MAJOR War is NOT going to occur over Syria at this time. What do you believers in advanced non-human life forms, think of this theory?


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