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Yesterday I posted a statement from Thomas Winterton, spokesman for Adamantium Real Estate from a Facebook group dedicated to the ranch. Thomas has made several other posts/statements there, so I thought I’d share. Again, nothing earth shaking, but some interesting insight, and a few photos. The new owners seem more transparent than Bigelow was.

Before I posted the earlier statement, I cleared it with ownership. After reading and reporting back to ownership many of the comments in this thread and others, I have had discussion with ownership and received direction to release the following information.

First, the fact that current ownership has not only legally secured the road right-of-way and private access, along with trademark rights regarding the ranch, while increasing the level of scientific investigation and collaboration is proof positive that we have entered a new era – vastly different and more sophisticated than the Bigelow era. In addition to greatly increasing the level of scientific research, security and surveillance have also increased under the new ownership as evidenced by the new gates, guard shack, guard posts, drone surveillance, cameras, and much more.

Ownership has NO interest in exploiting the ranch for money/profit. In addition, I was directed to warn those who consider sneaking onto the ranch to think twice before doing so. They should be warned that the tight security measures are in place to protect the ranch but more importantly to protect the individuals visiting the ranch. In the past two years, people have been seriously hurt and injured and suffered serious medical issues. Liability waivers are required of everyone and everyone-even those with TS/SCI security credentials are required to execute NDA and liability waiver agreements administered by ranch security and the law firm representing the ranch. Any involvement with government entities, special compartmentalized access programs or intelligence agencies cannot be confirmed or denied

Serious work and 24 hour monitoring at the ranch. You wouldn’t believe what is going on.

I was given permission to share these two photos as examples of imagery being monitored on the ranch by cameras.

The current ranch manager, Jim Morse (seen here), is both ex-military and prominent developer, along with close confidante of Indian tribal leaders. Just another indication of how serious the current effort is, versus the past. (Mitt Romney has absolutely nothing to do with the ranch – I’m not even sure if he knows it exists… This is just the most recent picture I have of Jim, taken at a recent political event.)

Serious measures have been taken to both protect the ranch and also protect authorized visitors.

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