My visit to The Skinwalker Ranch, 2018


I have recently returned from the Skinwalker Ranch. I was there with friends and will be releasing info and pictures over the next several weeks. Mostly because I am busy making a living but also because the way movies work is you have to build up some suspense and thereby get some interest in the picture built up too while you’re at it (hopefully). It’s called marketing and yes, it’s all a big tease because it has to be, media is so fractured now those who don’t get the attention go broke and broke people can’t afford to investigate ANYTHING. And if nobody can afford to investigate anything people like you and me will never KNOW about anything. It’s that simple.

So, with all that out of the way here’s my first installment of my story about the hardest place to get into that I’ve legally gotten into…

Skinwalker Ranch: March, 2018

The place does have a feeling of indescribable and internally moving grace about it combined with an equally indescribable feeling of just plain weirdness

My logical mind attributes the “weirdness” feeling to the last 25+ years of stories I’ve read about it and the personal recitals of those tails by the people who lived them. People I know personally who have shared their experiences at the ranch with me face to face. Brilliant people who certainly DON’T need to impress me with flights of fancy and have ZERO reason to B.S. me.

The “Graceful” feeling, bordering on peaceful, which was definitely there, I have no explanation for and it seems counter-intuitive and just plain strange.

Anyone who has been around ATS long enough knows I am an eternally open minded skeptic; if I don’t see it with my own eyes, if I can replicate the results, or find more than one (reputable and credible) person who saw it then well, I’m not impressed, to put it politely.

All that said, the place did “move me”. I don’t expect that to mean anything to anyone but me, but the fact remains… I don’t have time to get into the details in this opening salvo of what I hope will be many posts but I assure you I believe there is “something” weird about that place, don’t know what and can’t guarantee it’s not because I want to feel that way, but, after being home for more than a week I still feel “it”.

That is unique.

I’ve been to lots of weird places and none of them have ever even impressed me, much less left a an impression on me like this one has. For the moment I’m chalking it up to the legend that preceded my visit…

In the interest of full disclosure, my reasons for traveling to the ranch were not completely selfish, i.e. finally getting into a place I’ve been trying to get into for 25+ years.

I was asked by dear friends to take part in the filming of the first genuine documentary done on one of the most mysterious and hard to get access to places on the paranormal side of the planet. I was happy to oblige and will be encouraging anyone with an interest in the ranch to check the film out when it’s released.

Just to quash any B.S. spewed by the jealous and/or haters, NO, I won’t be benefiting financially from the film, I truly believe it’s the best (and only legit) historical record of the place that we’ve all been interested in for decades you’ll ever see.

Believe it or not, as one of the founders of ATS I feel I owe it to our membership to share the info. I’ve seen the rough cut of the movie and it’s good, factual, and very much NOT the typical crap you’d see on cable TV that pertains to the topic/phenom. That, and the fact ATS gets a nice mention makes it all good with me. 🙂

Anyway, here’s the first photo from the trip I can release, it’s a pretty cool one that was taken during a very interesting part of our stay at the ranch. The faces that are blocked will be revealed as the release of the movie gets closer.


The second night we built a campfire in the same spot where George Knapp (he’s on the left, Jeremy Corbell is in the middle, and that’s me over on the right) lit one some 20+ years ago back when NIDS was on property. We did it in front of the spookiest abandoned old ass house I’ve ever seen.

Don’t get your hopes up though, in spite the very well documented history of the ranch (the very thing that caused me to want to go there in the first place) nothing happened to me while I was there. But, I feel that isn’t very meaningful.

I’ve NEVER seen a UFO, a ghost, or even a weird shadow. You’d think that the guy who is is into the topic(s) like I am would have by now but, alas, I have not.

Maybe I’m just jinxed, or, maybe the phenom just doesn’t like me…

Either way I have several more images of places in the ranch that very, very few people have ever seen that I will be uploading over the next week or two, stay tuned…

Just to quiet the doubters, here’s a shot of the gate OPEN just before I entered:

More as I get time, let the comments begin!

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