How Is This Possible – DOJ Tells Congress NO – Even Though Congress Has Oversight of DOJ.

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The DoJ is vacating their lawful duty, and because of that, it is a slap in the face to America like a statement saying they don’t need to obey any law like government had to traditionally.

If I was president and saw any agency of the country do this I would send armed troops -Marshals in to confiscate the requested documents and arrest anyone attempting to stop them.

When just one official refuses a lawful constitutional order like we have seen so many doing these days, then the behavior spreads into all of them, and then they all begin thumbing their noses at the rest of the country.

We saw Bush do it, then Clinton, then Obama and Hillary and all their helpers in high places doing it all over the map. It spread like a virus and their are still quite a few encamped and continuing this new illness. Eventually if allowed to continue, this will destroy America.

They use mass media partisan bigotry to shield themselves and fend off responsibility. It’s maddening to see it go uncorrected and unpunished.

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