Einsteins Brain 2.0 – Will We Value Online Cookies And Click Actions Of Geniuses?

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When Albert Einstein’s death occurred, there was some discussion over what to do with his mind. Some very interesting interactions and transactions took place. One major detail to note, is that there was any interest in his brain at all…

Thousands of people die every day, no one is running out to “buy their brain” to “place it in a museum” or “study it for research” with nearly the same amount of fervor.

However, I wonder… For future geniuses of Einsteinian proportion… Will we be bidding on their hard drives, access to their online accounts, cookies, web history, and general online activity instead?

Wouldn’t it be interesting, to know which click-bait content was good enough, to taunt the curiosity of a super genius?
(Buzzfeed would probably pay 7 figures for that information.)

Are there caveats in TOS and EULA that allow for such a person’s information to be monetized? What about studied? Declared a national treasure?

What if they are the next Einstein? Would all of their secrets online be as valuable as the secrets in their own brains?

I encourage all possible Einsteins out there, to ask yourselves, is it worth having your secrets scrutinized?

I am certain there are some in the same general magnitude as A.E. himself, out there now, probably already pondering this possibility.

Ultimately, I would imagine these individuals are smart enough to realize what would happen if they raise their head too high, in a crowd of looking eyes.

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Have a plan, for all eventualities, my friends.

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