Baja sanctuary, Mexico UFO sighting 4/12/18


originally posted by: gortex
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

They look like flares to me , watch in full screen you can see smoke trails as the descend.

Well, they don’t look like flares to me, as I cannot see any smoke trails and they are certainly not Chinese lanterns either or a parachute display team, in my opinion. There are multiple videos of these same lights and as much as I do not rate the ‘Thirdphaseofmoon’ channel, they have another video of these lights taken by a guy who pulled over in his car and filmed them for a good twelve minutes. They do not move, they do not fall from the sky…they are just there and he also gives good positional reference. The problem with the OP’s video source is the lack of background and surroundings for scale and the constant [and futile] zooming in.

If they are drones, which I am not ruling out, some more information is needed to clarify the who, where, why and when of the events witnessed. Once again, I am not advocating aliens from space, I have no definite idea what is behind those lights but the usual excuses appear to be inadequate for this one.

I smell the military.

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