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quick one today due to all the interest generated by springer’s visits to skinwalker ranch and other active threads

(case occured on august 20) Dan Duggleby was up in the hills with a .22 caliber rifle when he heard a “whooshing” noise and looked up to see a large rocket-shaped object about 60 feet in diameter and 300 feet tall, which landed close by. An opening appeared in the side of the cylinder and a ramp slid out, and five robotic metal “boxes” with small wheels on the bottoms and four “arms” on the sides came down the ramp. One took ground samples, while three of the others took air, grass, and flower samples and the last one “just stood there.” When finished they rolled back up the ramp, the ramp slid in, and the ship took off straight up and vanished in the fog. The witness had seen disc-like UFOs on many previous occasions.

source:… (scroll down until the second 1966 entry)
while its an very short report, its still quite interesting, for one this is the only report i have ever seen of NASA style rovers exploring the countryside, one could make the case that we are truly dealing with something extraterrestrial, due to the priority of robotic exporation over manned exploration here but there are 2 problems:
1: why is this the only report of its kind that i have ever seen (and is probally the only one that exists)? as of the year (2018) of this writing we have sent 4 rovers to mars (with an failed soviet one that used skids on the place of wheels)
2: there were some nasa concepts of exactly that time that showed very similar rovers, spanish investigator jose caravaca proposed that the trickster entity behind the ufo phenomena uses whatever is floating around pop culture and scientific beliefs at the time to use in the sightings

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